my little linguist

David’s pediatrician said that most 15-month-olds say three to four words in addition to mom and dad. Not only does David know a lot more than three or four words, but he clearly understands a lot of what we say to him.

Along with his almost constant toddler jabber, David says:

  • momma
  • dad
  • car
  • dog
  • nana
  • papa
  • puppy
  • nananna (banana)
  • crack (cracker)
  • bye-bye
  • uh-oh
  • wow/whoa
  • no, no, no (he never says it just once)
  • dadid (David)
  • ball (occasionally)
  • more
  • up
  • call
  • eye
  • yay
  • wew-woh (hello)
  • oh/ow (he uses those interchangeably, meaning he never uses ow correctly, which can be funny)

He adds a new word every few days now.

The other night we had peas with our dinner and David kept pointing at his and saying, “ball.” He was really confused when I kept correcting him. Peas do look like balls, I guess.

He just turned 15 months and can identify all the parts of his face/head, as well as his belly, knees, feet, toes, and fingers (I’m still trying to teach him shoulders so we can do “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” together; his little stubby arms have a hard time reaching his shoulders).

One of David’s favorite things to do is walk around “talking” on my cellphone. He’ll hold it up to the side of his face and talk to his imaginary friend (or sometimes Nana and Papa, who he called once all on his own without me knowing) for large amounts of time. If my phone isn’t available, he’ll use his thermometer instead.

The other night Matt was walking around while talking on his phone, so David grabbed my phone and followed him. It was so cute and funny. I think it’s cute that they’re wearing matching socks.

  • Emily

    such a cute little genius!