great bathroom cleaner

I bought this cleaner because I read somewhere online that it is good for taking scuffs off of white ceramic plates (which we have). I have yet to use it on our plates, but I did use it on almost every surface of our bathrooms and love it.

Meet Bar Keepers Friend

I found it sold online and at our local ACE Hardware for $2.99.

Do you have stubborn toilet bowl lines that other toilet bowl cleaners only fade? Sprinkle some Bar Keepers Friend on them and buff them off with a Scotch Brite green scrubber pad. Our toilet bowls are so white now that sometimes I go into the bathroom just to admire them.

Rust stains from your shaving cream can? Sprinkle, buff, rinse.

Water buildup on your faucet fixtures? With some elbow grease: gone, and your stainless steel fixtures will shine like they’re brand new.

It says it also cleans fiberglass, glass stoves, copper, tile, plastic, and brass so I need to find more dirty things around here.


  • Emily

    do you have something to help me want to do all that?