pregnancy Q&A

When is your due date?

July 3, 2012; We’re almost halfway already.


Have you been sick? I’ve heard morning sickness gets better with each pregnancy.

I was sick from about 6-11 weeks, the worst being weeks 8-10. Compared to my pregnancy with David, this one has been much better. I only had a few really bad days, and the rest were managed with bland food and smells, several episodes of Sesame Street, and lots of baths for David so I could stay camped by the toilet. Being sick or otherwise completely exhausted is to blame for most of my blog absence, particularly the whole month of November.


How have you felt overall?

Now that I’m not “sick” or nauseous (that is such a hard word for me to spell right the first time) I feel pretty good most of the time. If I were to complain, I’d complain about headaches (I get one almost every day) and lack of energy. Some days I have enough energy to conquer the world, but more often than not I’m just plain exhausted. I have had some dizzy episodes that we’re still trying to figure out a cause for; being pregnant, anemia, blood sugar problems, dehydration, and ear problems are all on the ‘possible causes’ list.


Are you excited?

I don’t know why people ask that. We’re delighted, of course.


Are you going to find out the gender?

Yes, definitely. The mystery would kill me otherwise. Maybe when we have one of each gender we’ll let one be a surprise, maybe … we’ll see. We find out the gender February 15 — next week!


Are you hoping for a boy or girl?

Yep. I would be so excited for another boy, and it would obviously be practical and economical: they could share a room forever, we already have all the boy stuff, brothers right in a row, etc. It would be great. I would be so excited for a girl, too. I think every mom wants a daughter. So, we’ll be happy with either gender. When I was pregnant with David, Matt and I really felt early on that he was a boy; we don’t feel strongly one way or another this time.


Have you had any cravings?

BBQ potato chips, chocolate, pickles (so cliche, I know), ice cream, more chocolate, McDonald’s Egg McMuffins, and this week chocolate mint Zone granola bars (because we have a box in the pantry and I want to eat every single one of them). David and I try to keep our eating pretty controlled during the day; turkey and cheese sandwiches, lots of fruit and veggies, water and more water.


Are you nesting?

Hardcore. Some days it’s just downright ridiculous. I have the constant strong desire to clean, organize, and get rid of junk and clutter. I feel anxiety when I walk into David’s room because it isn’t set up for two littles yet. Sometimes, I go sit in his room and just stare at everything, going over in my head over and over how things can be moved and organized to make room for a baby. Earlier this week I got so sick of just thinking about it that I just started moving stuff around. By the end of the day I had moved a desk, bookcase, and nightstand around our apartment. If I’m not rearranging, I’m cooking or baking. On days when I have enough energy, we’ll eat broccoli and bacon chowder, beef stew, rolls, coffee cake, oatmeal blueberry muffins, BBQ pork chops, and on and on.


  • Hilary

    Hey, were you pregnant when you came to visit that one time? I don’t really remember when that was…bad memory! haha anyways, I love this blog post! I don’t know why but I get completely obsessed with other people’s pregnancies…lately I’ve been watching all the baby shows on TLC. Weird, I know. Anyways, I’m glad this seems to have been an easier pregnancy…I can’t wait to find out what you are having!! :)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the excitement, Hilary! I was pregnant when I came to visit that time; I don’t remember exactly when that was either but I do remember that I was pretty newly pregnant. :)