the big day

Easter Sunday was a lot of things piled in one day: Easter, Matt’s first Sunday in almost three years not in the bishopric (David’s first Sunday sitting with Dad at church), and David’s first Sunday in Nursery. Nursery.

We had a little Easter egg hunt on Saturday afternoon after David got up from his nap. David loved “hunting” for the eggs, and loved that they were filled with snacks even more. We filled each egg with a few raisins and a single fruit snack. He had no idea he was ripped off, and was absolutely delighted to find raisins.

The big guy on his first day of nursery.

We live in a ward with a lot of babies. A lot. What happens when all those babies turn 18 months old? They go to one of the SIX nursery classes. It’s not as simple as just taking him to nursery: you have to find someone in charge, fill out a piece of paper and then they assign him to a nursery class.

He was a little timid at first. When I say “at first” I mean for about 10 seconds and then he went and sat on the nursery leader’s lap and played with the playdough, forgetting all about Mom and Dad.

David was a big, brave boy. I cried. I knew that of the two of us, I would have the harder time. We do 99% of everything together, and I love it immensely. We play together, we shop together, we go to the library together, we cook, clean, and craft together. Not only is David my shadow, but he’s been my only church buddy while Matt’s been away taking care of a ward. I probably have more separation anxiety than David does (clearly).

Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED he’s in nursery. Three hours of church with a toddler is hard. Really. We’ve had our great Sundays, but we’ve also had a few Sundays … well, when the only reason I even got out of the car and took him in was because I’d see my — single mother of twin five-year-old boys — neighbor walking tall and alone into church. As happy and excited as I was to take him to nursery, it was still hard.

I am grateful for three things:

  1. David liked nursery (and did great his second week, too).
  2. Matt was there so I didn’t have to sit/cry alone.
  3. We watched a movie about the Resurrection in Sunday School. So the lights were off most of the time and no one could see me crying, and if they did, they thought I was touched by the movie and not just a mom with separation issues (and hormones, can I blame hormones too?)

And now we know which mom I’ll be on the first day of Kindergarten. I should just buy the Kleenex now.

PS Don’t let yourself feel overly sad for me, I didn’t so much as sniffle when Matt took him off to nursery yesterday. Though, I did try to spy on him.

  • Whitney Christensen

    Okay Ash, David is absolutely adorable!!! He is such a handsome boy! :)