for just a moment

I wanted to quickly brag about David (because I *never* do that).

He had his 18 month check-up a couple of weeks ago. Like at all appointments they ask questions about his development and such. One of the questions was, “Does David know seven to ten words?” I said something to the effect of, “Oh, yes.” And the nurse asked about how many words I thought he said. I said I thought he knew 20 or so words. She raised her eyebrows at me.

Ever since, I’ve been going over it in my head and wondering if I exaggerate. Does David really know that many words, or does it seem like he does, but he’s just saying the same 10 over and over again?

For two days I wrote down all the words he said. I didn’t include animal or vehicle sounds or words he was TRYING to say, but doesn’t really know yet.

How many?

I ran out of room on my paper at 75. David says 75 different words regularly. He literally learns a new word a day (yesterday’s word was “waffle” I didn’t add it to the list).

His favorite words:

  • car
  • truck
  • hot
  • oops
  • momma
  • eyes
  • this
  • that
  • what? (he has the best comedic timing with this one)
  • daaaad (almost always all drawn out like Dad’s lost or in trouble)

Funny word jumbles:

  • He calls his stuffed lion “lettuce”
  • All dinner is “pasta”
  • Vacuum is “truck”
  • For a while please was pronounced “plop”
  • Down is “nup”
  • No means yes or no, even though he knows how to say “yes”
  • Ball is “but”

My favorite words he knows:

  • help (so nice instead of whining)
  • cup
  • snack (which means food or can just mean craisins, he loves craisins)
  • please/thank you (recently added, though he still says thank you mostly when he is handing me something and not the other way around)

Two-word pairings:

  • most words with up/down or on/off (socks on/off, light on/off, etc)
  • “help this” I think he’s trying to say “help me with this”
  • most words with please
  • most words with uh-oh

(He is currently standing at my closed bedroom door begging “Mot, eeese! Mot, eeese!”  (more please) for me to open the door and get him a Tums. He giggles like an insane person when he thinks he’s getting a Tums. Maybe we should give him more candy, just so he doesn’t think things like Tums are a treat …)