my un-friends

I’ve been on this campus going on four years now. I have spent an unbelievable amount of time people-watching in the library. There are people who have shared these four years with me who have no idea I exist, but I know and love them. I have nicknames for all these people; the quirky people that I have seen repeatedly on campus or around Rexburg over the years. I realized while I was making a list of these “friends” that I have, that some of their nicknames may come across as mockery or mean, but I promise that I have no ill feelings toward any of them; I’m actually quite happy when I see them again at the beginning of the semester. I’m even happier when they sit next to me at a computer lab or somewhere and I know little things about their lives and they have no idea. Yes, it’s kind of stalkerish, just remember that I don’t follow these people home or anything, I just observe.

My friends:

Stevie-Dave (he’s actually graduated now, but he was one of the first and most quirky)

Mr. Big Voice (also graduated, miss his voice)

Touchy-feely (still here, married)

Val Kilmer (I haven’t actually seen him for a little while, I hope he’s not gone)

Lizard Boy (just returned from a two year mission)

Burnt Caramel (the same color head to toe with pink lipgloss somewhere in the lip region)

Quasimodo (sweetest man ever)

Ursala (sometimes scary)

Beach Boy Ken & Malibu Barbie (really cute couple, Ken could also be Hercules)

Model Girl (she’s so perfectly beautiful that she’s still single)