one month

I realized yesterday that I’ve only written one post about Lilly. I’m so sorry.

Lillian is already a month old. Yikes that was fast.


Lilly continues to be a wonderful baby, and we’re all so in love with her.

Two things:

  • She eats and sleeps like a champ, by newborn standards. We’ve had a couple long nights, just to remind us how good we have it the rest of the time. Seriously, David typically gets up more than she does at night.
  • Lilly is strong. She holds her head up for long periods of time and tries to push up on her arms during tummy time. Oh, and she ROLLS over and scoots herself all over her crib. I almost never find her where I left her.

David still loves her to pieces. We have to watch him closely because he doesn’t always know when he’s being too rough or that he can’t carry her. I can never leave him alone with her, because he tries to carry her off or feed her or push her in her swing (with such enthusiasm it might as well be an amusement park ride).

I let him help me burp her and change her diaper. When she cries when I’m getting clothes, diapers, putting something away, etc, David will stand next to her and say, “Shhh, mommy coming, mommy coming.” It’s the sweetest thing. He tries to share his toys and play ‘catch’ with her (that never ends well).

This is what happens when I do leave them alone, even for a minute: Lilly sleeping and hanging half off the couch because David tried to take her somewhere.


Here is David trying to “play” with Lilly. He doesn’t know she can’t breathe. I was actually trying to just take a picture of her with her headband, and right when I took the picture he decided to pinch her nose.