knock, knock

We’re getting new neighbors today. I know this because I was in our front room doing some kickboxing and suddenly remembered that our building is getting power washed today and I needed to take the wreath off our door and get our doormat, so I quickly stepped out and was shaking off our mat before bringing it in when our new neighbors came out their front door. Not a great way to meet your neighbors: sweaty in your husband’s t-shirt and sweatpants you can’t quite fit into yet because you had a baby six weeks ago. I said, “hi” and quickly came back inside only to realize that I’m wearing my sweatpants backwards. You might chuckle and think, “maybe they didn’t notice.” However, my sweatpants have pockets, drawstrings, and writing in the front; I’m pretty sure they noticed my backward pockets and drawstrings on my bottom. Why I didn’t notice much, much earlier I don’t know.

The last time I met new neighbors was almost as embarrassing. They were also moving in and I was in desperate need of some flour (it was one of those times when you start making something and realize partway through that you don’t have enough flour to finish and everyone you call isn’t home or doesn’t have flour either). So I sheepishly knocked on their door and asked if they had flour I could borrow. They did. We met and I tried not to make it awkward, talked for a bit and came home. I knocked on their door 10 minutes later because I didn’t borrow enough flour. So embarrassing.

The first time I met our neighbors before that I was standing outside our front door wearing my rubber gloves and holding a brown bag with an avocado and chocolate covered raisin in it and talking on the phone to my friend about how I had no idea where the chocolate covered raisin came from, since we don’t buy or eat them. Why this was all happening outside, I don’t remember.

My neighbors must think I’m such a weirdo.

I promise I have it together.

  • Amandapmckie

    Keep em’ at bay. You know they won’t mooch from you OR bother you with dumb requests.