big mess

Entertaining a toddler in a 900 square foot apartment when you have a baby to take care of requires some creativity. One of my favorite things to do this summer is stick David out on the balcony with balls, bubbles, water balloons, sidewalk chalk, buckets of water, or anything else I think up. David was outside coloring with sidewalk chalk and water balloons this afternoon. I looked up to find him rolling around on his drawings, so I laughed and snapped some pictures (the shapes, car, and people I drew, before anyone thinks I have some prodigy).


After seeing it was on the back of his shirt, up his legs, on his arms, and in his hair, I went to run him a bath.

I really should have seen this coming:


I came back to him saying, “Oh no! Big mess, Momma! Day-did big mess!” In the time it took me to run him a bath he’d found the potting soil and made mud.

Lilly was clean, hanging out on my bed making bubbles.