In the last month Lilly has been an explosion of growth and development. Okay, maybe just development — she’s actually a lot on the small side (not terribly surprising if you’ve ever stood next to my undaunting 5′-and-a-smidge).

  • Lilly sits up all by herself! It’s one of my favorite baby developments.
  • Shortly after turning 6 months old, she started waving to Matt when he left in the morning. Super cute!
  • A week and a half after she started waving, Lilly started clapping. She was sitting on my lap while we were talking to visitors, and she just started clapping all of the sudden. David was much older when he started clapping, I attribute Lilly’s early clapping to the overabundance of clapping we’ve been doing for David going potty. A lot of clapping (and I’m a clapper by nature).
  • Either right before or right after clapping (within hours of each other), Lilly started saying, “ma ma ma.” It’s all I heard for two straight days. At first she was just making sounds, now she sometimes intentionally says it when she sees me. She’s also started to say other consentant sounds like, “ba ba ba.” I love this stage!
  • After weeks of various crawling styles–inch worm, army, and wounded soldier (dragging one leg behind her, but otherwise crawling)–Lilly finally figured out crawling. She’s been having the time of her life touring our apartment at her own will and getting into David’s trains and toys. I think David is more excited about her crawling than she is; he loves crawling after her and calling to her, “Lilly, come play over here! Come play over here! It’s fun, Lilly!”
  • Since Lilly can sit up now and wants to be involved with everything we do, I let her ride in the front of the cart for the first time, probably her favorite activity to date.
  • Oh, and now she’s trying to pull herself up to stand. She’s an active little thing.

Some pictures of Lillybug in action:

  • Cami

    I’m so glad you posted some updates!!! I check your blog almost daily :-) I’m so glad to see some pics of that sweet Lilly Bug! She has grown so much!! NAnd David is such a sweet big brother!! Love your kids!