I have a problem

You might be thinking, “What’s the problem with that?” The problem is that all of those lovelies came from my bathroom drawer. I have more in my purse. In my other purse. In the old diaper bag. In my coat. In my other coat. In the kitchen. By my sewing machine. In the car. I even keep one permanently in my suitcase in case I forget to bring lipgloss on a trip (which, as you’ve read, is impossible). I even thought while writing this post about admitting I have a lipgloss/chapstick addiction and listing off all those places, I forgot a place: I need one in Matt’s jeep. You know, just in case.

There isn’t a day lipgloss can’t improve.

The problem is, the chapstick I use most is in Matt’s pocket.

  • amanda

    This is a problem

  • Erica

    Ah, admitting the problem is the first step. We all have our things girl…embrace it!