post #210

I spend a lot of time blogging about the kidlets–as you know–so I wanted to take a break from their cuteness and share a little about myself.

A few really honest things about me:

1. Hate me if you want to, but I’m not really fond of animals.

2. I’m lazy. I’ve been trying to deny it and pretend otherwise my whole life, but I’m lazy. I can hear some of your eyes rolling, but this is about me being honest, and if I’m honest, I’m lazy. Not the sit-on-the-couch-all-day lazy (okay, maybe some days), more the I’m-always-looking-for-a-shortcut lazy.

3. I’m motivated by results, so when I do things I like to do A LOT of things all at once. Thus, I seem like a really productive, non-lazy person. Fooled ya.

4. I’m vain. Another thing I’ve been trying to pretend I’m not. If there’s a reflective surface, you better believe I’ve already looked at myself in it. I wear make up to take out the trash.

5. I’m a really bad dancer. BAD. I’ve been told many times that I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. Not growing up watching the show, I didn’t understand the reference, and then I watched it on YouTube. People aren’t wrong.

6. Today was the first time I showered since Sunday. It’s currently Friday (reference #2 for more information). I promise I wasn’t too gross.

7. I hate crying, going to the bathroom, and the smell of raw fish.

8. Every night before I go to sleep I always think about my kids.

9. I make up random, nonsensical songs, pet names and expletives.

10. I would still play with Barbies if it were socially acceptable. Yes, I’m counting down the days until Lilly is old enough to play with the two hidden in my craft stuff.