being one

Our little Lilly turned ONE!

 birthday girl

We were lucky enough to be at a family reunion on Whidbey Island up by Seattle, so Lilly celebrated her birthday surrounded by family and the ocean.

Poor Lilly  was going through a particularly rough patch while we were there, so we mostly listened to Lilly cry (she got FOUR new teeth and was surrounded by strangers in a new place–not a good combo). I’m happy to say that after a few weeks of teeth, strangers, shots, bug bites we finally have happy Lilly again!

What one looks like on Lilly:

  • She says “Mom,” “Dad,” “Night Night,” and “Boo!” And she has her own grunt language so we always know exactly what she wants.
  • Lilly is VERY expressive. Between the grunts and the look on her face, we know how she feels.
  • She is all GIRL. She likes animals, cuddles, soft blankets, shoes, sparkly things, princesses, music, playing with my makeup, her hair getting done, and eating chocolate.
  • She has a fierceness to her. An intensity. She is bold and brave and opinionated. An adventurer.
  • Lilly has started to really blossom into a toddler; throwing her own diapers away, getting a cup out when she’s thirsty, going into the kitchen and standing by her chair for meals, putting her shoes on and standing by the front door, etc.
  • Shortly after her birthday, Lilly started WALKING. It’s seriously one of my favorite baby milestones. 
  • Even if he tortures her, she LOVES David. She goes after him everywhere he goes and always looks for him first when she wakes up. I love it!

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