5 things that make my mommy life easier

Sometimes being a “grown up” can be a little crazy, especially when you start adding little people that need your [constant] attention. I haven’t been a mom for super long, but 2 years and nine months is long enough to figure out some shortcuts that make my life a little less crazy in a pinch.

my loves

1 Dry Shampoo is my product soulmate. I love love LOVE it. And then a little more love. I discovered it sometime after David was born and it changed my life forever. Seriously, it’s a big deal. Do I really need to explain what this does? Oily, yucky I’m-a-mom hair is gone. I have tried all the options under $10 and Suave makes the best drug store variety (it’s also the cheapest I’ve found). The Suave Keratin Infusion (gold can, they also have a variety in a silver can that’s so/so) is the BEST. It doesn’t leave a bunch of residue, makes my hair shiny and fresh (it doesn’t smell nasty like some of them). I snap on a shower cap and shower, but don’t have to worry about drying and restyling my hair every day.

2 Shark Cordless Vacuum/Sweeper This thing is so dang handy. I don’t know if my kids are just ultra messy or what, but our floors get littered with crumbs constantly. I sweep constantly. I vacuum constantly. Or at least I did until we got a Shark. It goes on hard floors and carpet, and sweeps up all the little crumbs. It isn’t as good as a vacuum, obviously, but it sure is nice to have for a quick pick up between vacuuming, and it’s just plain fantastic for the kitchen floor; quick and easy cleanup.

3 iPhone I ask myself constantly how mothers survive without smartphones. Aside from emails, calls, texts, calendars, camera, books, news, and weather right to my pocket, wherever I am, it also contains the answer to all questions in an instant. What time is it? When is David’s next appointment? What lesson am I teaching on Sunday? How do I pick the best cantaloupe? How am I going to get this stain out? What was that recipe, again? And on and on and on. Plus, access to great kid apps for when I REALLY need them distracted. Honestly, it’s the reason I maintained any sanity while breastfeeding David (every two hours, for an hour, for 8 months).

4 Roku I’ll openly admit that this was something Matt really wanted to get for a while before I finally said, “whatever” and let him buy it. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. Now I do. I stinkin’ love this little black box. It streams Netflix and loads of other “channels”–Pandora, PBS kids, Hulu Plus, Mormon Channel, BYUTV, PBS (hello, Downton Abbey), and more–in a click of a button. I can control it with an app on my phone from anywhere in our house. We don’t pay for cable or satellite, and we don’t need it. It also helps that Matt won our current Roku in a contest, so it was completely free (with a year of free Netflix, too).

5 Netflix Like my phone, I don’t know what I would do without Netflix. Instant TV, when I choose. It’s great for movie nights, discovering new shows (we have fallen in love with several BBC shows we found on Netflix), enjoying old favorites, down time for David, etc. They have SO many shows and movies now, including several Disney options. We also have Netflix apps on our phones and the iPad. My favorite thing is that we choose when and what we watch, we don’t have to pay any attention to TV schedules.