10 things I learned: being raised by Super Woman

We call her “Mom” but her real name is Super Woman. She does it all: shuttles kids, class parties, birthday parties, field trips, can build homes and everything else, caters elaborate dinners, survived cancer without so much as batting an eye, moved 20+ times in her married life, solves all the problems and still manages to stay sane. I’ve learned a lot and still counting.

number1Every super woman has her vice. No one can do everything perfectly. For my mom it was her ironing basket that sat under the ironing board (still does). While she spent several hours ironing every week for my dad, she never really got to the other things in the basket. I’m pretty sure there’s still a dress from when I was 13 in the basket, and that’s okay. Her other vice is Diet Pepsi.

Untitled2If you’re going to laugh about it anyway, you might as well laugh about it now. Take a picture, have a laugh and move on. She reminds me of this often and I’m able to sigh and move on.

number3The magic ingredient for any problem is elbow grease (and a dash of positive thinking). My mother knows something about everything and a hard worker, therefore no problem is a problem for long. The only thing I haven’t seen my mom fix is a car. She never gives up and never assumes she can’t do something.

number4It’s okay to break the rules sometimes. Often on my mom’s “hard days” (they even come for Super Woman), instead of getting after us, she’d let us eat dinner in the basement in front of a rented movie. Other times, when she knew one of us was having a rough patch, she’d let that one ‘ditch’ for a day alone with her, smoothies, playing, or hot chocolate and wrapping super-secret Christmas presents.

number5In order to be a mom you have to have a way to wind down. She’s a wise woman: she has scheduled herself her own time every single day she can spare. Sometimes just a few moments, sometimes a whole afternoon–dedicated to doing what SHE wants. She makes up for her ultra-busy days with calm and quiet ones enjoying herself without guilt.

number6Being a good mom means always being in your kids’ ‘corner of the ring.’ Even now as an adult, I know that no matter what circumstances I find myself, my mom is always on my side; no matter whose “fault” something was, she was always there to defend me (and everyone else) and still is.

n7“Eat the elephant one bite at a time.” She’s always saying that. Instead of getting overwhelmed thinking of EVERYTHING you need to do/face, break it down into pieces and handle one piece (“bite”) at a time starting with the most unpleasant and “working your way up.”

n8You can never serve too much. I can’t number the times I’ve been with my mother after a wretchedly long day serving other people, sitting in ‘her’ chair with swollen ankles and dry hands about to rest when the phone would ring and someone would need her help. She’d put on her shoes and go to work. Always.

n9It’s not official unless there is food being served; no meeting, gathering, family event is happening without food. Good food.There is ALWAYS food.

n10Families eat together. Period. My mom moved mountains so we could eat dinner as a family as often as humanly possible; she firmly believes that eating together is the glue that holds families together.

  • Cami

    Love this. Good reminders. Your mom is one of a kind. Thanks for sharing!