10 things I learned: in the last week

number1The kids play better when I’m not close by. If I’m just outside of their sight or around the corner, my kids play way better together; they have to work out their own issues and no one can come running to me about the slightest offense.

numberJust bring all your important documents to the DMV. We went to be licensed in California last week and discovered, after driving 45 minutes to the DMV, that I needed my birth certificate and marriage license–we rummaged through all of our documents several times before leaving and I couldn’t help but feel like we should have just shoved the whole file in the car.

number3I need to trust myself more when driving. I’ve talked about my driving before, but as it turns out, my gut is sometimes right and I would save myself some annoyance following that gut.

number4In order to have a “balanced” life, you have to make some sacrifices. I’ve learned this lesson again and again, and will probably need it again later, too. A truly ‘balanced’ life is never split 50% what you want to do and 50% what you have to do; it’s mostly what you have to do sprinkled with what you want to do, so make it good sprinkles.

number5Time flies even when you’re not having fun. One day last week I looked at the clock and it was 3:12 in the afternoon, and I had an overwhelming realization that I hadn’t accomplished very much at all. Where do the days go?

number6There is goodness and kind people everywhere. It seems like there is a lot of focus in our lives (media, social networks, etc) on the negative parts of life, government, current events. I find it more and more important for me to dwell on the GOOD things that are all around us if we’d just turn off the negative.

n7Even when I’m not with my kids, I’m still a mom. I have nothing else to say about this.


n8Cleaning doesn’t stick. I know it should be obvious and I should have accepted it long ago, but I’m still disappointed when I seem to turn around and everything is messy again. Didn’t I just clean that?

n9Bedtime goes better with some quiet music. Sometimes bedtime can be this drawn out process with a lot of crying and me barking orders, as it turns out, if we just turn on some quiet music, the kids calm down a lot faster and are much more cooperative.

n10David’s attention span is longer when he’s getting paid. We started giving David little “jobs” to do to earn money so he could go to the Dollar Store and pick stuff out. I’ve been really impressed with his willingness to stick with a job for long periods of time in order to finish it and get his dime. He’s one hardworking dude.