covert ops

The fire alarm is going off in the library right now. I’m in the library. I realize that fire alarms are here to keep us safe, but this is the fourth time this semester that the fire alarm has gone off at the library while I was inside. Fourth. Fire alarms are becoming a lot like car alarms. No one actually thinks a car is being stolen or broken into when they hear a car alarm, they just get annoyed. I don’t actually think there’s a fire, but I’ll go stand outside in the cold anyway (mostly because library personnel is making me). I guess I could go hide in the bathroom…

UPDATE: Over the last few days, I’ve seen some suspicious behavior leading me to develop a theory: we’re surrounded by spies.

My evidence: While I was standing outside in the cold with everyone else who was in the library, I noticed a school security officer talking into his walkie-talkie strapped to his shoulder and runing into the library basement, chased by a man dressed in all grey. Obviously the security officer is just a security officer, but who is the guy dressed in all grey? Clearly, he’s the spy who caused the fire alarm crisis (I think he’s actually the head custodian, but work with me).

This morning on our way to campus, Matt saw a man out in a field look around to make sure no one was looking (Matt was), and tip over a bucket with nasty green stuff inside. Maybe he’s a spy trying to live undercover in suberbia (in my favorite house on the block, no less).

On Wednesday, while Matt and I were waiting in the hall for our class to start, a young man who is running in the student election walked up to his own poster, looked around to see if anyone was watching (you bet Iwas), lifted up the poster, and took something that was hidden behind it. Clearly he’s a spy running in the election hoping to thwart the all-powerful student governement.