I can explain the lines on my face

I just woke up. I came to the second floor of the library to the area just past “General Books E-K” and pushed two chairs together so I could sleep. And sleep I did. Usually when I go to “sleep” in the library, I just close my eyes and kind of rest, but I’m pretty aware of my surroundings.

I just rolled over in my two chairs about twenty minutes ago (that’s how long it took the internet to load on my iPod so I could post) and discovered that I was surrounded by completely different people and their laptops. I had slept and probably drooled for over an hour. In fact, the only reason I’m awake is because I rolled over into the arm rest with my knee and it hurt.

I was having a really weird dream. Emily and Jared were there, that’s always nice.

I have my “ear buds” in, but I haven’t been listening to music…I forgot to turn it on.

I don’t have any shoes on. One of my favorite past times is walking around the library in only my socks. It’s bad for my socks, but it’s just so comfy. I have all of the all-carpet routes in the library memorized so I don’t have to walk on the slimy winter slush on the tiled areas.

I still have a little while for my class and I’m still tired. As long as I have massive lines all over the left side of my face, I might as well roll over and sleep until class.

There are a group of girls in the group study room behind the wall my chairs are against, they are singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and I really hope they stop.

I might knock on the wall to give them some encouragement.

Man, these girls are annoying. Now they are talking about how they think everyone just needs to have faith so that dinosaurs don’t come back. What? These people are in college?

Uh,oh, they are planning on coming out now to “ask people to come in for interviews.”

They are walking toward the door.

Closing my eyes as if I’m asleep.