41 hours

I’ve pulled all-nighters before, but usually after I complete whatever it is that I’m sacrificing precious sleep for, I have an opportunity to sleep. That wasn’t the case yesterday.

Most of my classes (and therefore assignments) are on Mondays and Wednesdays. I had A LOT of large assignments due yesterday, so I ended up staying up all night working on them. I had classes and other obligations for the rest of the day, so by the time I finally put my head on my pillow last night, I had been awake for over 41 hours (though, part of that time I voluntarily spent with Jared and Emily instead of sleeping).

I do inexplicable things when I’m tired.

I stuttered quite a bit yesterday at my peak tiredness. I was very forgetful and would get up to do something and then forget what it was for an hour. I would randomly close windows on my computer, even though I still needed them. I got very giggly during on of my classes when it wasn’t appropriate to be laughing. I got a lot of words all jumbled up and said some very strange things. I fell asleep in class while writing notes; I was using my brain and I fell asleep (my notes are great to look at now though…).