We are sitting at the salt lake airport waiting for our flight to Texas.

Here are a few conversations I’ve overheard:

A woman waiting for her plane walks up to the man changing the trash bags.

Man (who happens to only have one arm): “Do you have a message?”

Woman: “Si.”

Then they both started talking in Spanish.

Two teenage girls sitting across from me had this conversation not ten minutes ago:

Girl 1: “Wouldn’t it be funny if we got on the wrong plane and we ended up in Africa with rhinos chasing us? Or what if we got on a supply plane on accident and we were just dropped out with parachutes and we landed on giraffes!” (followed by laughing)

Girl 2: “You’re dumb.”

It seems like someone watches too many Disney movies.

A man with his two young children, a boy and a girl.

Boy: “Man, my hands are getting tired. If we don’t get a cart, I’ll have to use my teeth!”

Girl: “I thought we were flying in a plane today…?”

Dad: “We are, we’re just waiting for the plane to get here.”

Girl to boy: “Do you want some of my candy?”

Boy: “Do you even have any candy?”

Dad: “We should get a bite to eat. I think that we’ll have to go downstairs…”

Girl: “Why? I have candy!”