ode to jonah

We left Jonah in chilly Rexburg while we enjoyed a humid Texan Christmas. We were sure to leave him with a slowly dissolving fish tablet before we left (it was supposed to feed him while we were away), and wrap a towel around his bowl.

He didn’t have a very merry Christmas. We came home to a pale pink fish instead of a vibrant red. He was pretty comatose and groggy (for a fish), and not himself at all. Fish have personalities too, and apparently his dissolved with the food.

We changed his water and gave him some special blue water (not toilet water, I promise). It seemed to perk him up a lot. After a couple of days it seemed that he had his old spark back.

When we came back from an outing tonight, he was practically motionless in his water. After a few unsuccessful attempts to liven him up, Matt finally poked Jonah with his finger to see if he was still alive. He was (I let out an inexplicable scream when Jonah squirmed). He’s not even just a pale pink, he’s now yellow and white along his belly.

I don’t think he’s going to make it through the night. He’s downright lethargic. He wouldn’t even get mad at my wagging finger.

I miss the days when he blew me mating bubbles.

I’m going to go say my goodbyes, just in case this really is the end.

(PS: We’ve already done some preliminary name brainstorming for Jonah 2.0, if it comes to that.)