sometimes, I’m a moron

Don’t worry, I don’t suffer from low self-esteem (actually, I think it’s quite the opposite), I just think being honest is healthy. Honestly, sometimes I’m a moron.

A few of the moronic things I’ve done recently:

  • While driving on Tuesday or Wednesday, I counted 4 u-turns that I had to make enroute to a destination mere blocks from our apartment. I’m not sure why I still haven’t figured out this navigation thing.
  • I knew that I had a class in Clarke 329. I looked for room 329 for half an hour, making me very late to the class that was supposed to be in the room. I finally called Matt and during the conversation realized that I was in the Smith Building, not the Clarke. (There is no room 329 in the Smith, in case you go looking for it too.)
  • Before taking Matt to his early meetings Sunday, I thought I would head out to the car early to try and get it warmed up and defrosted while he was still getting ready. I went out to the car, unlocked the car, locked it again and tried to open the doors. When Matt came to the car he found me very frustratedly trying to open the locked doors to our car. Like I said, sometimes, I’m a moron.

UPDATE: Shortly after writing this post, I heard a phone ring with the same ringtone that I have on my phone. I looked around (I was in the library), eagerly waiting for the person to answer so I could see who had the same ringtone as I do. I waited and waited and the phone just kept ringing. I finally got annoyed with this person for letting their phone ring so long in the library. It was my phone. Silly, silly me.