when I was younger …

I remember thinking that adults had it together. Boy was I getting the wool pulled over my eyes. The deeper into adulthood I plunge, the more evident it becomes that adults have very little figured out.

Other things I thought when I was younger:

  • For an embarrassing amount of my youth I was saying, “duck, duck, moose.”
  • My much smarter and older sister told me that macaroni and cheese was seafood. I believed her until my sixth grade science class set me straight. With their laughter.
  • When I was five, I would stare longingly at a certain car dealership in the small Montana town we lived in, I thought it was Disneyland (this I also blame on my older sister). It had everything I knew about Disneyland: lots of cars, balloons, and people milling around inside. I was very disappointed when my mother told me that Disneyland was in California, a place very far away from Montana.
  • I thought that car windshields had special sensors on them that made the wipers wipe when there was too much rain to see through. I would stare at the wipers from my seat in the back, in awe of how they always wiped at just the right time. Again, I was later disappointed.
  • My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was very young. No one could explain to my sister and me what had made her so sick, so we came up with a few things we thought might cause cancer, and avoided them. Things like light-up shoes and answering machine beeps.