only one question remains

Should I do more homework or read a book?

Brag moment:

I’ve been a very dedicated student for the first two weeks of the new semester. I went to all of my classes on time (with the exception of the one that I couldn’t find because I was in the wrong building, but that only happened once), I did the homework EARLY, I did more than I was required and expected to do, I made comments in class, I was nice to all the other kids (it’s really hard sometimes). I’ve been a very good student.

End of bragging.

Matt had to go to meetings because he’s important. I’m wearing his giant slippers.

Here I sit, faced with a dilemma: Should I do more homework or read the new book that’s been sitting on Matt’s desk for a week, making me crazy with curiosity and the thirst for the written word? (Yeah, that was a wee dramatic.)

See, the issue is my homework is reading. Reading, reading, and when I think I’m done, more reading. If I’m going to be spending my time reading, shouldn’t I spend it reading the homework for one of my classes? Learning something about autocratic power, American realism, dangerous trips to Antarctica, or ethnic stratification of a specific sub-population?

Oh, who am I kidding? We all knew I was going to choose the book.