this week: jonah’s debut

We moved into our apartment a year ago this week. I can’t believe a year has already come and gone! Also our new fish, Jonah, has endured a week with us. He seems about as happy as a fish can be. He’s also pretty lively and camera shy, which makes it hard to take his picture.


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about getting a new hobby. Well, a hobby at all. I don’t really consider reading much of a hobby. Sewing has never really interested me very much, until Sunday. On Sunday we were invited over to AJ and Anne’s apartment. Matt dominated the world (playing Risk) and Anne showed me all of her sewing projects. I came home filled with sewing fantasies of table cloths, totes, and duvet covers. I’m planning on going back over to see Anne to look at patterns for my first project, then we’ll see how much of a hobby this becomes.

  • Amanda

    Jack got me a sewing machine for Christmas. I LOVE picking out stuff to sew, unfortunately I have to wait until I get back….which puts a damper on the excitement…

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