Lately I’ve been in an almost constant state of pouty anger. I blame it on being tired. I’ve been extremely tired these last two weeks, and being tired makes it harder to cope with my classes this semester. I’m having a really hard time in most of them — not academically, just with the teacher or the students in my groups. Yesterday, I … I was pretty much angry all day long, about different things. I’m not usually an angry person, in fact, I very rarely get truly angry.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to prescribe myself some therapy.

Prescription #1: Get more sleep. (Maybe if I slept through my classes I would solve two problems at once; I would be getting more sleep, and I wouldn’t have to deal with people. I’d just fail. )

Prescription #2: Laugh it off. I’m usually really good at this, so I just need to go back to finding humor in everything.

TANGENT: We passed a billboard the other day that said, “Concussed kids take longer to heal.” I couldn’t stop laughing. I think “concussed” is the funniest word ever. Matt thought I was crazy.

Prescription #3: Listen to happy music. I don’t listen to music hardly at all, which is kind of pathetic since I have a fancy iPod (it has so many other things, I forget that it plays music).

Prescription #4: Make these waffles:

I refuse to allow myself to get any closer to motherhood domesticity without being able to make the perfect waffle. I have finally mastered eggs, pancakes, and chocolate chip cookies well enough that I can be a good mother, but the waffle has been hard to conquer.