just…you know, nothing


  • When I get bored in class (so, often) I write the alphabet backwards. Not just ZYX etc., but I write it in reverse order with backwards letters too. I’m getting pretty good at it. When I’m done writing it, I flip my paper over and squint and it looks like I just wrote it normally. The classmates who sit near me must think I’m insane. I think I might up the difficulty and write the alphabet in reverse order, with backward letters, left handed. Yes, I see that this is a completely worthless activity, but…I do it anyway and enjoy it.
  • I have spent time (exactly how much time I am too embarrassed to share) on an adoption website reading the profiles of different couples and deciding who, if I had a child to give up for adoption, I would choose. I think this activity is even more of a waste of time than the first.
  • I really want a portable drinking fountain. I know what you’re thinking, “Duh Ashley, it’s called a water bottle.” But, no, water bottles aren’t the same as drinking fountains. I want something that will spray cold water at my face at the push of a button. One that my germs won’t have to fight other germs to occupy. One that I can just carry with me for all the times I get so thirsty and just want a spritz of projectile water. I even want it to make the humming sound after I drink a lot.
  • I like to press all the buttons on my phone with my thumbs. I like the way they feel when they’re being smooshed, and I like the way it sounds.

And a picture to wrap things up: