impersonate a graduate day

Today is my favorite day of every semester.

At the end of every semester the bookstore sets up booths with stuff for the soon-to-be graduates. They have tables with caps, gowns, alumni stuff, and POPCORN.

Popcorn is my absolute favorite snack (and apples).

I discovered about three seemsters ago that I can float through all the booths and tables straight to the popcorn and float right back out without anyone noticing my existence.

Today they had little cups with lemonade too.

I wasn’t planning on going to the bookstore today, but I took the Jergens lotion out of my backpack a few days ago and my hands were really dry. When I don’t have lotion in my backpack, I go to the bookstore and use a squirt of  one of the lotion Testors. Today’s flavor was Bamboo.

Next semester, I’ll be a legitimate soon-to-be graduate.