do I look lost?

No, this isn’t my first semester.

I get asked every semester if it is my first semester, the answer was “yes” only once. Do I look lost when I walk around on campus? Do I look like a freshman? Do I act like a freshman? Why is that the go-to question when starting up an conversation with me? Are people still going to ask me after I’ve graduated? When I’m a grandma?

Other news:

I folded laundry, put it away, AND did the dishes. All in one afternoon. These stars only align a few times a semester so this is monumental, and I deserve a treat (I like ice cream, popsicles, nachos, apples, crunchy Cheetos, and just about everything else edible).

I wish I could tell my boring homework to feed itself to the nearest dog, and something would actually happen. Only my boring homework though, I’ll do the exciting stuff.