oh the anticipation

Tomorrow’s a big day.

Tomorrow, May 11, we have a doctor’s appointment. The goal of the doctor’s appointment: discover if baby Mowgli is a boy or girl.

It isn’t until 1:30 in the afternoon. I get out of my only class at 10:00 am. What am I supposed to do for all that time? Homework? Yeah, right. Just thinking about it today makes me all anxious and crazy.

Possible time-consuming activities for tomorrow:

  • Get a haircut at a beauty school (this always takes forever and then some)
  • Make and decorate sugar cookies, from scratch
  • Fold laundry
  • Reorganize all of the folders and documents on my computer
  • Try and get an earlier appointment

On a side note:

The guy sitting at the computer next to me keeps burping. It’s really, really grossing me out. My eyes are watering I’m so disgusted. He also has girl hands. He has a rubberband around his wrist that he snaps every few minutes. This intrigues me, so I don’t move.