happy graduation to me

Matt got me a graduation present today.

Isn’t he so sweet? Today, Matt got me a new laptop. I’m writing this post on a new computer just for me. I washed my hands before I started using it.

So, this wasn’t a premeditated present. My old laptop, Bruce (what I’ve called it for the last four years), has been hanging on by a thread (literally, it has to be plugged in ALL the time). Matt and I have discussed getting me a new computer on several different occasions. Computers cost a lot of money and we are poor college students, so the purchase was never made. Until today.

The university bookstore just got a bunch of the new MacBook and MacBook Pro models, so this laptop (a barely older MacBook being used as the floor model) was on sale for almost 50% off (just the right price). Sure, it’s “used” but it was never in someone’s home, and the bookstore has taken great care of it.

We brought it home and got it all started up. I wiped it off really well (none of those yucky college kid germs), and here I am writing a blog post.

Good thing I only have one homework assignment to do for tomorrow because getting a new computer makes me even less productive than before.

I told you Matt was sweet.

  • http://emilycamilledavis.com Emily

    Congratulations! YAY! You've joined the rank of the Mac nerds. :) Love you, Ashley!