I’m one of those people that has to lie perfectly still to fall asleep. If someone (like Matt, for instance) has the wiggles and fidgets, I can’t fall asleep. Some people need it to be dark, others need it to be silent. I need it to be still.

I have been finding out lately that it doesn’t matter if Matt and I are both lying perfectly still, because I wiggle from the inside out. Our little Hughie* seems to wait until I lie down to fall asleep to put on a tap dance in my belly. I have divided feelings about this. It’s really fun to feel him move around inside me, but at the same time, I get very, very tired and would really like for him to hold still until I fall asleep.

On a related note, little Hughie now kicks and punches hard enough that, if you’re looking at just the right time, you can see my belly move. Again, this is kind of fun, but also very distracting to any classmates who happen to catch a glimpse. Once they see it, they can’t stop staring at my belly hoping to see it again.

* Matt and I joked for a while about naming him Hugh Mungo. I don’t particularly like the name Hugh, but I’ve developed an odd attachment to calling him Hughie.