sad times

There wasn’t any popcorn!

Yesterday was the day all the soon-to-be graduates get their caps, gowns, and other paraphernalia and, for the first time ever, they weren’t serving popcorn! I was so disappointed. It’s true, during the course of pregnancy popcorn has lost quite a bit of its magic (let’s just say that popcorn is at the top of the “worst foods to vomit” list), but I was still looking forward to getting my graduate popcorn. They were serving brownies and punch, instead. Lame.

Last night Matt and I came home to find two HUGE boxes stacked in front of our door. We were so excited. We thought people sent us something. Nope. The boxes were for apartment 7103 and we live in apartment 7301. Again, lame. So we hauled them all the way down the stairs and around the building to the right apartment. I’m thinking now that we should have opened them first to see if they contained anything we wanted/needed. Darn.

Not-so-lame things:

  • This is my last Friday as a student.
  • I had chocolate milk this morning.
  • I JUST (like 10 seconds ago) looked over to the person sitting next to me and discovered that it was my future brother-in-law. It was kind of weird. I’m going to have to teach him how to print things from the school computers–and pay for it. I’m such a nice person. (Oh, um…I think the whole future brother-in-law thing deserves its own post, but I think the whole thing might still be on the “down-low” so…um…shhh.)
  • I plan on making cupcakes later this afternoon. Planning on and actually doing are two different things, but for now, cupcakes are in my future.
  • I get to read a book this weekend. One that I pick out all by myself.
  • I know this is kind of obvious from the first bullet, but I graduate NEXT WEEK.

Off to do a nice future sister-in-law deed.

  • Lindsy

    Thank you for being a nice sister-in law. It means a lot to me.