the new neighbors

We’ve lived in our new apartment for two weeks, and I’ve been watching my neighbors closely.

Upstairs neighbors:

  • College-age son living with older mother (I’m not going to guess nationality because I’m no good at it, but they speak Spanish and it makes me feel cultured somehow); they are very nice.
  • Son drives PT Cruiser, except today, he drove the minivan.
  • I’ve never actually seen the mother.
  • Son likes to listen to loud music, but never at night so I can’t complain. The other day when I was putting our laundry away, I’m pretty sure he was dancing to his loud music. For some reason knowing that he was dancing to his music made me smile.
  • Son (I’ll have to come up with a nickname) just came home from working out. Good for him. Except, he was wearing flip-flops… so I think he was just lifting weights (his arms seem like they lift a lot of weights).

Downstairs neighbors:

  • Moved in two days after we did.
  • I’ve never seen them leave their apartment, but I know they do.
  • Have at least one kid, who cries, but not obnoxiously (so far).

Third floor on the left neighbors:

  • Newly married couple.
  • Wife doesn’t speak English.
  • Husband dresses a little sloppy.
  • Seem nice.
  • Drive a blue car.
  • Left their front door open last night before going out. Oopsies.

First floor on the left neighbors:

  • Husband and wife.
  • Wife is pregnant or at least wears pregnant-looking tops.
  • Husband is a student and recently purchased his books from the bookstore.
  • Husband wears a black hat all the time.
  • Drive black, two-door Honda.
  • Like eating Taco Bell, Little Caesars, and Bajio.

At this time, we do not have any across-the-cement neighbors, or they are insanely quiet and never leave their apartment.

Two days ago while I was in the parking lot, I discovered that our old across-the-cement neighbors Malibu Barbie and Beach Boy Ken also live in our new building, just in the other stairwell. It is possible that they live across the wall from us. More observation is needed.

There is this one guy that I see from time to time outside talking on his phone (he’s ALWAYS talking on his phone). Because he’s always outside talking on his phone, I don’t know which apartment he lives in. I just saw him walking to the clubhouse…talking on his phone.

OH! Malibu Barbie and Beach Boy Ken just left to go work out — in matching outfits!

Our new apartment has windows on the front of the building and on the back of the building, so I can see ALL of the comings and goings.

I wonder what our neighbors have noticed about us…

  • Amanda

    I am ALL SORTS of excited to start blogging about my neighbors that I watch. Unfortunately I have met two sets of them now and I can't just let loose because I know they are both in our ward. Did you know your neighbors left the door open because you checked it when they left?

  • Ashley

    I noticed that they left their door open because we came home after they had left.