little personality

Matt and I bought this outfit while we were in West Yellowstone with our friends Jared and Emily long before David came along. It says “Duck Duck Moose” on it (follow the link to read the significance), and we just couldn’t leave it behind. David wore it for the first time today, so I took a bunch of pictures.

He wasn’t really in a “mom’s going to take 50 pictures so hold still” mood at first.

I was going to do a post today about what a patient baby I have, maybe another day (he really is EXTREMELY patient with me).

I love the tracks across his bum.

He hates “tummy time.”

Check out Mr. Chubs (13 pounds!).

This picture really shows it off: his double chin, his nice round cheeks, his big belly stretching out the letters on his shirt… He still enjoys eating. A lot.

Content. How he is most of the time.

He really likes sitting up like a big boy.

He pumps his arms really fast when he’s happy (or mad). As you can see, he’s one happy boy.

  • Emily

    I'm so glad you finally get to use it! He's so cute!