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Living just south of Antarctica is hard on a new baby (and everyone else). David has had a VERY stuffy, congested nose since it’s gotten dry and cold. I owe many hours of sleep to Vicks BabyRub.

His nose was so bad sometimes that it would wake him up at night because he couldn’t breathe. BabyRub is recommended for babies three months and older, but David’s doctor said it was okay to use at night when David’s nose was the worst. Our nighttime routine no longer involves me clearing David’s nose with the bulb syringe and David SCREAMING while I do it (he hates the bulb syringe–just the sound of it expressing air makes him cry). Thank you BabyRub.

Southern Antarctic winters are also hard on new baby skin. David’s skin has been dry and broken out with dry patches, eczema, and other rashes, all because of the cold, dry weather! Johnson’s Baby Lotion was not mild enough for our baby’s sensitive skin and only made things worse. At the doctor’s recommendation, we switched to Eucerin Calming Creme.

We saw results after ONE application. Why didn’t someone tell me a month ago? My only complaint: it smells like a wet cardboard box. I remedy the smell by putting a teensy bit of baby oil in my palm and then adding a dollop of lotion.

Pretty much since birth, David has had really, really bad diaper rash; blisters and bleeding kind of diaper rash. Changing his diaper frequently, thorough wiping, creams, and fresh air all helped, but didn’t make it go away. The only diapers David had ever worn were Pampers Dry Max (the hospital used them and people gave us boxes and boxes of them). One day I read that there is an ongoing investigation and possible lawsuit against Pampers due to claims that their Dry Max diapers cause severe diaper rash. Hmmm. We used some store brand diapers for a while, and those did the job okay. We switched to Huggies Little Snugglers diapers a little later and the diaper rash started getting better.

While the store brand diapers got the job done, Huggies has all kinds of extra name brand features I like: they are cute (because that doesn’t matter at all), they are softer and more flexible, they have inner bands that wrap around the legs to keep in the mess, they fit better around the legs and across the back, they have a little band across the back of the diaper that prevents blow-outs (I was weary of this at first, but it does work. We haven’t had a blow-out since we started using them), and they don’t make the diaper rash worse. My one complaint with them: they don’t seem to hold in the smell as well as other diapers; you know (and so does the person sitting next to you) the moment the diaper is wet or dirty because you can smell it. Note: We get a 30% discount on Huggies diapers or we would probably just buy the store brand diapers.

Because of the severe diaper rash and after our bad wipe experience, we started using Pampers Sensitive Wipes.

These wipes are thick and gentle. We can usually get the job done with one wipe (two if it’s really messy). Between the sensitive wipes and the change in diapers, we have seen a significant improvement in the diaper rash (no more bleeding and scream-filled diaper changes).

I’m SO happy that we went with a small, portable swing instead of one of the big ones!

David didn’t like the swing at first, but now that he’s a little bigger and is more interested in what’s going on, it’s nice to be able to move the swing to the kitchen so David can watch me do the dishes or make dinner, then move it to the front room so he can watch me fold laundry, then move it to the hallway so he can watch me scrub the bathroom, then move it to the “man cave” so he can watch Matt work, etc. David does great in his swing as long as he has something to watch. It’s also great having a small, portable one because I can just fold it up and tuck it away when we aren’t using it.

  • Hilary

    My David has always had bad diaper rashes like that…he's actually just getting over a bad bleeding bum. But we noticed the same thing with Pampers…we have stayed away from them. You might also have to watch him when he can start eating solid foods…certain foods for David causes some pretty bad blow-outs. We've found Butt Paste (I know, really weird name) actually works the best with helping his bum.