about ashley

Hey howdy hey, I’m Ashley and this is my corner of the world. I’m the wife of an insanely brilliant and supportive husband (Matt), mother of two adorable babes (David and Lilly), and writer/editor of this blog and other projects. I love cooking, parenting and sewing (totally obsessed with sewing). I also dabble in DIY projects and art/design.

my family

25 things to help you get to know me:


  1. I like lists. Scratch that, I love them.
  2. I’m not much of a driver, as you can read here, here, here and here.
  3. I have a Bachelor’s degree in professional writing–not the creative kind.
  4. Like most everyone else, I’m a Pinterest addict.
  5. I’m afraid of the dark and easily startled (even in daylight).
  6. I’ve been known to peek at presents before they’re meant to be opened.
  7. Being a mom is awesome, like really.
  8. I can’t handle scary movies. But when I can, I love Rear Window.
  9. Spiders are horrible (and I’m quite fond of parenthetical statements).
  10. My most prized possessions (people excluded) are my wedding ring, duvet, laptop and sewing machine.
  11. I’ve never traveled outside the US. There’s always someday.
  12. I write a lot of musings, but never poetry. Except once.
  13. I’m only 5-and-a-smidge feet tall, and my husband is roughly 11 inches taller than that.
  14. I bite my nails. Let’s not talking about it…
  15. I’ve never dyed my hair.
  16. When I was growing up my family moved a lot, so I’ve lived in 7 states and twice as many homes.
  17. I stub one of my toes almost every day.
  18. I wear contacts most days, and glasses the others.
  19. If it were up to me, the laundry would do itself.
  20. I’m in a constant state of indecision about whether or not I should cut my hair.
  21. Unlike the rest of the world age 30 and under, I don’t listen to music very often. When I do it’s usually Disney Radio.
  22. I wrote about my feelings on life here (and in every other post).
  23. I use my children as an excuse to talk to myself aloud in public.
  24. I’ll use any excuse I can think of to eat chocolate.
  25. I’ve had a blog for 4+ years, feel free to poke around.

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As always, thanks for reading.